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NBA Live 16 Gameface HD Out Now! + Full Tutorial #NBALIVE16EA’s ‘Game Face HD’ Seems like a Companion App Done Right – If there was a buzzword at E3 2013 that really captured our imagination, it was “second screen.” The promise of using your smartphones and tablets as auxiliary devices in your console gaming.

Of particular note was the expanded capability of their already impressive companion app for the upcoming NBA Live 16 release to include a facial scanner to really put you in the game. Calling the.

But this year NBA Live looks.

When starting Live, you are asked to make a created player. This player is used not only in Rising Star but in the new Live Pro-Am as well. To takes things a step.

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There’s a Gameface HD companion app for Android and iOS that lets you import your face into NBA Live 16. We had some trouble with the app, but after we got it to work, there’s no doubting my player.

EA SPORTS selected Russell Westbrook as its NBA LIVE 16 cover athlete.

nodding in reply to the next request. Westbrook puts on his game face, bends at the hips and takes three hard dribbles at the.

On the B-Ball front, the annual war has always been between NBA Live and NBA 2K. NBA Live 16 is ready to keep rebuilding the cred.

custom player with the NBA Live Companion app and use its GameFace.

NBA 2K17: New Face Scan Application Could Eliminate Tons Of User Frustration – The concept of face scanning on a mobile device was pioneered by EA Sports for NBA Live 16. In all honesty, it was one of the few things EA’s game has done better than 2K in some time. Live’s app was.

We haven’t seen an entry from the series since 2015 when the underachieving NBA Live 16 was released. Despite the poor recent.

Accurate Face Scans GameFace 2.0 was much better than the.

NBA Live 16 is the latest installment in basketball franchise, featuring a physics-based player movement system giving you unparalleled control and best-in-class animation. The first time you start up.