Air Force Pft Calculator

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Airmen stationed here have a new way to connect with leadership and each other through the Air Force Connect mobile app.

In addition, it has an awesome physical fitness test calculator, to include.

Air Force Fitness AssessmentNew mobile app enables, engages, empowers Airmen – The Air Force now has an enterprise-wide mobile app designed.

Popular features include Directory, Checklists, Groups, Polling, Events, PFT Calculator and Notifications. All features can be.

The calculation.

with the Air Force’s surgeon general’s office. But the change is more than reverting to the run test. “It’s a cultural change. A lot of what we’re looking at is encouraging people.

PFT Calculator and Notifications. All features can be customized at the local level to meet specific needs. The app is now available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Read more at

The PT Calculator will always be free of charge. Other premium features will be available in the future for a small cost as an in app purchase. The new physical fitness standards, enacted by the Air.

In the late 1940s, the United States air force had a serious problem.

His solution was a greater emphasis on physical fitness. Daniels’ interpretation was the exact opposite. “The tendency to think.