Jet Car Stunts 3

Jet Car Stunts Reviews – Newly Announced Back Button Attachment Turns Your DualSho.

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The million-selling racing / platformer hybrid Jet Car Stunts is making a leap to PC and game consoles. Players will control a Jet Car – the combination of a formula racing car and a jet plane that.

Jet Car Stunts is the best 3-D racing game on iPhone that nobody’s ever heard of, and it was recently updated to support iPads and high-resolution iPhone screens. That’s enough reason to go buy it.

Developed by Grip Games and Published by BitComposer Entertainment, Jet Car Stunts originally released on the iOS , is back in Console form. Released for the Xbox One and 360 as well as the.

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The Jet Car Stunts level library is about to get a bit of a boost once.

Don’t worry if you didn’t upgrade though, the game will fully support OS 3.x. Check out the video below of some of the new.

It’s easy to see that Jet Car Stunts looks beautiful on the iPad even 3 years after its initial release, and it even plays quite well on the larger device despite using tilt, which I’m typically not.

Jet Car Stunts’ release window for PlayStation systems has been narrowed down by Grip Games. The racing platformer will first launch on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita in July, followed by the.

You should do so immediately. Jet Car Stunts 2, designed by Carmageddon 3 vehicle programmer Luke Ryan, once again straps fat rockets onto tiny cars and abandons you among precarious obstacle courses.

Driving through the streets of Jet Car Stunts must be pretty stressful – there are chasm-like gaps leading to the blue abyss below, and there aren’t even guide rails lining the edges of its loops!