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Running the First Ever 1970s Dungeon Crawl With Old School-Inspired Rules in 2017 – Years before the original edition of Dungeons and Dragons was published.

Pits and Perils, or 5E. But if I were to run this for another group, I’d still want to use a “secret” rule set.

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But somehow, I caught up, and I even finished three days early, after coming back from a Dungeons & Dragons game with my friends after work. So how, how on earth did I do it? I have a few simple.

Endless Depths 2 RPG – Endless Depths 2 is a rogue-like role-playing game that holds true to classic features such a randomly generated dungeon levels, a myriad of class/race combinations, a bunch of treasure to.

There’s a book in Amazon right now called Dungeons.

has a random potion generator. Hit a button, and you’ll get a fancy.