Radio Fides La Paz

LA PAZ, Bolivia — President Evo Morales on.

accuse without reason," Fernandez told Radio Fides. The state of siege prohibits people from gathering or carrying weapons. It was declared.

In Bolivia popular decepci?n was measured in a Radio Fides poll in February 2011. The sample was conducted in the barrios of La Paz that are normally a MAS stronghold, and yet a whopping 84% of.

“The media is going to be attacked just like in the days of the dictatorships,” warned El Diario editor Jorge Aliaga on the Catholic Church’s Radio Fides program.

had been seized in various regions.

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LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP.

A sister of one of the men told Radio Fides that villagers in Ayopaya held the two men, ages 18 and 19, for nearly three days, freeing them Saturday after relatives.

Accused thieves beaten for hours and then set on fire in bastion of "Red Ponchos," militant Aymara Indian supporters of President Evo Morales LA PAZ.

justice." Radio Fides reported that.

"I want to insist, the disaster is not of the enormous magnitude as we at first thought," said Amadeo Herrera, a resident of Chima who spoke on La Paz radio station Fides. "It’s clear there are.

Bolivian police sixth day of mutiny: clashes between Morales supporters and strikers – Rebel police clashed with pro-government supporters Monday outside Bolivia’s presidential palace in the capital La Paz on the sixth.

Catholic radio Fides reported. The protester’s demands.

LA PAZ – Twenty-four people were killed and.

to support the affected families,” Romero said. Radio Fides, citing a preliminary police report, said that the accident took place shortly.