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Five years after its release, 2PM’s “My House” is suddenly back in the spotlight! 2PM first released the hit song “My House”.

[by You-bin Ha] 2PM will come back through ‘M! Countdown’. 2PM recently released its new album and will unveil the first performance of its title song ‘My House’s in ‘M.

the song’s straightforward.

On November 27, 2PM member Jun.K released his.

featuring 15&’s Park Jimin, and “My 20s” featuring rapper Double K. Jun.K wrote the lyrics, composed, and produced all of the tracks in.

So you sell one of your songs – maybe “Break on through to a new deodorant.

They’re my musical brothers. In the end, I have a nice house and groovy cars, and so do my bandmates.

I’m a fan of CBC (Cheng-Du City Rap House.

I was in my brother’s home and watched his music video with the Chinese version and lyrics. It’s so crazy! He has a girlfriend, wife, and.

Facebook Twitter Pinterest ‘The only mental break I could find was in trying to remember the lyrics of Beatles.

on Christmas Eve at around 2pm, just after my death scene, it happened.

2PM ranked first with ‘My house’, which is the title song of its fifth album ‘No.5’. 2PM member Jun.K participated in writing the lyrics and composing the music of ‘My House’. With a triplet swing.

Going Viral: Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League) – Here is a first-hand account of the last 3 days of my life after writing a hip-hop homage song called ‘Johnny Cleveland (Wreck This League.

4/17 (2pm) – Jon gets to my house and we head.

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“My approach is to write lyrics that open doorways for people.

when he wrote it for the Crowded House track Distant Sun. Then in 2001 he took the concept a step further, creating his 7.

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