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Gao borrowed the Chinese expression “riding the wind and breaking the wave.

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Younger founders will be less likely to locate their companies in Silicon Valley’s expensive tech hub, and will be more.

His new employer, Wave Money, a joint venture between Norwegian telecoms.

They just want to be able to send and receive money easily and make payments.” Moreover, leading commercial lenders know.

For example, the app includes a QR feature which allows users to seamlessly send money to each other and to pay merchants. The most popular use case seen by Wave Money for its QR payments feature.

She then discovered free app Bokio, one of a host of apps trying to muscle in on the traditional turf of accountants. “I had.

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Many accountancy apps promise to do much of the.

You can track income and expenses, easily send invoices and, most handily.

As if there weren’t already enough ways to empty your bank account, Snapchat has gone and launched Snapcash, a new addition to the ephemeral messaging app app that lets you send money to.

Send money with Wave App and get £5 Credit // SAY IT LIKE IT IS - Ep 52What the aviation sector needs for the next wave of growth – At a time when the global economy is facing significant challenges, the Indian aviation sector is riding a wave of high growth.

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In the last few decades, we’ve had great inventors who gave us the Internet, E-commerce, the iPhone, Social Media, and other.