Csr Racing 2 Guide

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Getting better at racing the AI in CSR Racing 2 is a pretty straightforward process. You run enough races with a particular car to get its shift timing down.

Engine & Transmission As noted earlier, for the purposes of this guide we’re focusing on Ford Sigma 1.6 and Duratec 2.0 engined.

As mentioned earlier, the 264hp CSR (Cosworth Seven Road & Racing) 2.

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Zynga Features English Hypercars in CSR Racing 2 With ‘Best of British’ Event Series – Before it’s here, it’s on the Bloomberg Terminal.

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in 3 days, CSR has gained greater attention from continental and UCI Men’s and Women’s teams as a tune up race for the upcoming Pro Road Tour. Cat 2 Circuit Race at.

Freemium drag-racing game CSR Racing was.

then Frozen Synapse is £2.50 well spent this week. It’s a turn-based strategy game originally released for computers, as you guide your squad through.

Fast & Furious cars are returning to Zynga’s CSR Racing 2, a mobile drag racing game that is one of the most popular racing games ever. That means players will be able to access the iconic cars.

CSR 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners - Part 1F1 2013 Errors, Crashes, Tweaks, Graphics and Performance Fixes – The racing thriller by Codemasters is back and with every year passing by, the franchise is getting bigger and better. F1 2013 just got released on all the major platforms, including PC, and the.

but tackling some CSR Racing 2. The sequel to the very popular CSR Racing has finally arrived from NaturalMotion and Zynga, and the basics are still the same. Hone your skills at drag racing.