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Top Apps for Dungeons and Dragons [2020]D&D’s revamped RPG companion site is live – While it’s currently only on the web, Wizards plans to expand D&D Beyond to mobile apps for an even more manageable experience. While the ultimate goal is to fully transition the game’s manuals.

With pen & paper as the main tools of the trade, D&D players manage their characters, maintain spell lists, keep track of stats, and mark up the game’s three key handbooks all without breaking a.

I’ve always thought with the right talent and resources, WotC could put out some quality games and companion apps. It looks like the company is finally taking this part of its business seriously.

Kuri’s a robotic home companion that wanders around the house.

can hold as many strange things and D&D figures as you want. If that doesn’t quite do it for you, polish-up your fandom.

This morning, Sony published a bunch of details on how the new PlayStation App is going to work. It’s hard to get excited, at least right now, as the base functionality is basically going to.

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Neat: Ubisoft finally got around to alerting people to Far Cry The Outpost (Free), an official Far Cry 3 companion app that’s been kinda hiding on the App Store since the freeze. With the app.

‘Beautiful Modeler’: Multi-Touch Virtual 3D Clay for iPad – A companion app, running on a nearby Mac on.

it’s hard to see the screen when it is facing away from you. The apps, from Karl D.D. Willis, will output the results in Standard Template Library.

VoiceEdge Conferencing is the latest enhancement to Comcast Business VoiceEdge Desktop and Mobile Companion applications. The app also enables click-to-dial from some of the most commonly used.